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Metal Roofing

Residential Roof

When you want strength in a storm and lasting good looks, nothing endures like metal roofs. Whether R-panel, standing seam or tile, well-installed roofing metal will stay put in wind storms – a big plus for Oklahoma businesses. These commercial coverings resist rain, hail, fire, and sun effects for decades.

Whether you are building a new office or warehouse or want to retrofit an existing facility, you need peace of mind protection. And you have found it here! We can help you choose the right metal for the design, building code and budget at hand.

We work with quality metals like aluminum, tin, Galvalume, zinc and even iconic copper.

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Thousands of building owners count on our 15-plus years of experience and know-how to install metal roofs in Edmond and throughout the region. We can prove it – call now! 405-692-5464

Roofing Metal Advantages

Most of the products we use are warranted for 50 years or more. Our workmanship is guaranteed for 5 to 10 years – twice as long as our competition! We have raised the bar for installation of metal roofs.

They are UL Class-A fire rated - Many are UL 2218 Class 4 rated for impact resistance. We guarantee expert fastening techniques that allow normal movement while resisting wind lift.

Best Metal Roofs for Commercial Facilities - Standing seam can give a facility an iconic look because it is available in so many styles and colors. Its vertical interlocking edges hide screws for superior resistance to leaks and wind lift – even gusts over 150 mph. Nothing protects your contents and occupants as securely!

R-panels and rib metal installations offer cost-effective and rugged coverings for metal buildings and other industrial uses. The panels can be painted or coated to resist dust, snow loads and UV rays.

Tile and shingle style metal roofs in Edmond offer the distinctive look of tile and slate – but they are far more lightweight and, in many cases, more cost effective. Let us show you the many colors and profiles available. They will make your facility a stand out!

Easy Care - Your maintenance team will appreciate the ease of metallic roofing maintenance. Usually, just a good pressure washing will keep it free of dust and dirt. Adding a special coating can help snow to shed. White and light coatings can offer the extra advantage of solar reflection – keeping your HVAC costs low.

Re-laying - Lightweight metal is the perfect answer to extending your existing roof’s life cycle. It can be placed right over low-sloped asphaltic surfaces easily and quickly.

This saves you tear-off costs.

It prevents your old surface from clogging up the landfill.

It doubles the useful life of your surface.

The double layers insulate and waterproof your building.

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An Eco-Friendly Choice - Not only are you keeping old materials out of the landfill, you are choosing a product that is virtually indestructible! Metal panels can be reused, even if their fasteners and substrates wear out. The panels can be put right back on in most cases.

Many varieties absorb one-third less solar heat than asphalt; earning them approval by the Cool Roof Rating Council. They are often made of post-consumer recycled products – up to 75 percent. Using them helps you lighten your carbon footprint and become a champion of the environment.

Want lower cooling bills? Energy Star rated colors can reduce HVAC costs 30 percent or more. That makes your building more comfortable and cuts your reliance on the power grid.

A Skilled and Honest Team!

Residential Roof

When you invest in roofing metal, you need it installed right. We are a family firm with local ties – not a here-today-gone-tomorrow contractor or storm chaser. We have earned the community’s trust not only by our longtime presence, but by our policy of hiring wounded veterans and former military workers.

You can feel comfortable about hiring us to do the job. We have solid recommendations in the region and are A-rated by the Better Business Bureau. Count on us to be there for you long after the sale to offer regular inspections, maintenance and repair. Storm damage?

Let us handle your insurance claim. Call now for a free consultation! 405-692-5464