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Roof Repair

Residential Roof

When your commercial roof has a leak, you need it repaired immediately to protect your investment, your possessions and your occupants. Sometimes, your budget won’t allow replacement. If you address minor problems promptly, you can avoid this expense. But you must have an expert roofer do the job. Call now for the area’s most trusted commercial roofing company.

What kind of facility do you have? Whether offices, retail, multi-family, industrial or institutional, we have the experience you need for roofing repair in Moore and throughout the greater Oklahoma City metro. We can work with your insurance company, including price matching to reduce or eliminate your upfront costs.

Call for a Free Estimate: 405-692-5464

You have found a company that can examine your surface free of charge, do the repairs you need now, and make long-term recommendations.

You will get a free inspection and several options – not just the most expensive.

You will get roofing repair in Moore tailored to your facility, roof age and condition.

We will be here to serve you today, tomorrow and years from now. We are a longtime part of the community.

We are fully licensed, insured and bonded for your protection.

Fast Leak Detection

With 15-plus years of experience and state of the art equipment, we will find the source of water intrusion and stop it fast. Some types of coverings, such as single-ply, hot tar and BUR, make leak detection difficult. We will find the problem and seal it off.

Renew Old Surfaces

If your commercial roof is more than five years old, it needs an inspection. Even if you haven’t had a leak lately, wear and tear will catch up with an aging rooftop. We can check it for you and repair flashing, extrusions and parapet walls.

Any sign of decay needs to be repaired, and we have the skills and resources to correct problems. Take it off your to do list – call now!

Common Roofing Repair Issues

Sun, water and building movement are common problem on low-sloped roofs.

UV rays wear out many types of surfaces. Built-up roofing, especially, can develop a cracking pattern known as alligatoring that invites water intrusion. Older single-ply surfaces can separate at the seams or be punctured by flying debris. We have the special sealants you need to stop leaks.

Low-sloped surfaces are prone to water collection at the lowest point, a phenomenon known as ponding. It can damage seams, fasteners, joints and flashing.

Many types of building materials expand in heat and contract in cooler temperatures. This potentially lets water get underneath the surface.

While metal roofing rarely needs replacing, sometimes normal movement enlarges fastener holes on exposed systems. This allows panels to lift and damaging rainwater to get underneath.

Call for a Free Estimate: 405-692-5464

Let us fix, seal and protect your rooftop with the right solution for your type of surface.

We Can Find a Solution

Residential Roof

Our roofing repair carries a workmanship warranty that can last five years or more. We take the time needed to do the job properly, and we explain what we are doing every step of the way. You will never feel rushed or uncertain when we open our tool kit.

Damaged asphalt shingles can easily be replaced. When repairs will suffice, we won’t push replacement, unlike some other roofing companies.

Loose metal fastenings can be secured or replaced to prevent wind lift.

Coatings provide 100 percent leak protection and can add two decades to the life of your surface.

Cracked or broken tiles will be expertly matched; entire surfaces can be removed and re-laid with minimal breakage.

Roof Overlays

Nearly any surface in good repair can be covered with metal or shingles. This adds a double layer of waterproofing, insulation and protection against strong winds. It can last 20 years or much longer. We can cover metal roofs with a new layer of insulation and TPO for lifetime leak prevention.

Fast Work, Done Right

As a building owner, you don’t have time to stop production and wait for the roof work to get done. We understand! We guarantee you that we will respond quickly, work within your schedule and strive to minimize inconvenience. We promise to do it right the first time, so you won’t have to call repeatedly to complete the work order. Call for an appointment.