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Here is what our customers have to say:

Lance Burchett

"I had to have a new roof after a major hail storm, I was referred to by a friend to use Roca roofing and I'm glad I did!" They were very helpful and got the work done promptly with no problems, the workers were very careful around my flower beds and didn't damage anything. They saved me my deductible too! The owner is a great hard working guy and seemed like he really cares about his customers. I would highly recommend this company.


"ROCA Roofing & Construction did a great job on our TPO roof. They beat our previous bids by other roofing companies by over 10%. The job was done quick and without any problems. They handled all the insurance paperwork and were courteous and professional. Would definitely use them again."

Jason Lopez

"This past year was my 2nd time to have Roca take care of the damage to my house. Both years the damage was from hail. The first time Stacie came to my door and wanted to take a look at the roof and the rest of the house. She explained how everything would work so my wife and I agreed to let her look around. Living in Oklahoma I had dealt with damage numerous times before so when she said that she would call right then to make my claim for me, I decided to let her go ahead. We got the claim filed and about a week later she came out to meet with the insurance company. Everything went really well and I could hear her pointing out things that the adjuster wasn't going to pay me for. It seemed like she really knew what she was doing. Everything went really well. The roofing crew was great. They got the roof done and cleaned up after themselves. Roca did everything from the roof to the gutters to the fence and window screens. We didn't have to do anything. Everyone that came out to work was great and did a great job. The owner Jerry even called a couple times just to check in with me and make sure that we were happy with everything. You don't see that much anymore these days. Owners don't really seem to care, but Jerry did. I know he and Stacie were out at my house throughout the job making sure everything was going good. Everything was finished really fast and my wife and I were thrilled it didn't take forever. A little over a year later we got hit again so my wife gave Stacie a call the next morning. Both her and Jerry came out and again handled everything with the upmost respect for my home and my family. I have referred many people to Roca and will continue to refer and use them in the future. We had a great experience with them. Thanks again Roca! The Lopez Family"

Jeremy Antone

"I had roof, guttering, fence and shed damage from a spring storm in 2013. Roca Roofing met with my adjuster and got my claim submitted. I got everything that was damaged repaired with quality products and in a timely manner. The help was great about keeping their workspace cleaned up and making sure the debri was taken care of. My house was built in the 80's and Roca also worked with me and I paid him extra to get some upgrades done that were not part of the storm damage. I do not have a lot of time to do much around the outside of my house and was referred to Roca by my Marine Core buddy. I was not disappointed. God and Country!!"

Mandeline Brosam

"Roca Roofing is definitely a 5 star construction business. They handle all the paper work and phone calls with the insurance company. And the best part is no money out of pocket besides the deductible! They warranty their work and finish in a timely manner. Very friendly company!!"


"The house looks fantastic now and they even through in some house repairs for no cost. My wife and I have lived in our home for some time now. We have lived in Norman our whole lives. We are a retired couple that like our neighbors were hit by the big storm recently. I was actually shopping around for a roofing company when Raymond knocked on my door. I was a little hesitant cause the last roofer that was here kept trying to force me into signing something. Well I asked the last roofer is he could fix my chimney cover that was blown off and he said yes if I would sign. It was dark and I wasn. t in a rush to sign with that roofer. When I asked Raymond if he would fix the chimney cover he said no problem and I didn. t have to sign anything. So the next day Raymond was on the roof with some guys fixing my chimney cover and inspecting my roof. A couple days later Raymond met with my insurance and they inspected it together. I honestly did not think that my insurance was going to pay because how old the was. Raymond and him finished my insurance covered my roof, fence, debris cleanup, painting, windows, and siding. I signed up with ROCA roofing that day with no pressure. It was all pretty fluid in how it happened and how easy it all went. The house looks fantastic now and they even through in some house repairs for no cost. I always love free house repairs. Bottom line, ROCA and Raymond did everything they promised and then some. I would definitely recommend them to any who has construction needs. Thank you ROCA!"


"We are honestly grateful to Jerry and ROCA for all the help and nice work they did for us. My wife and I have lived in Norman most of our lives and like most people we were hit pretty hard by the storms this summer. When Jerry knocked on our door we had already talked to a few roofing companies. We had seen the ROCA signs in our neighborhood and when we checked all the companies credentials ROCA was actually the only one that was licensed and insured. So the choice was pretty easy. There was a lot of work that needed to be done. We had a 30 year shingle and ROCA offer me a free upgrade to 30HD lifetime shingle. We decided to pay for and upgrade to ARMOR SHIELD II high impact shingle witch Jerry did for cost. I was given the receipt of the material and mailed it into my insurance. I now pay about 21$ less a month on premiums. Right about the time that work started on the house we had a family crisis and could not pay ROCA what we had agreed to. We were sure that we were going to get sued or work would sees. When me and Jerry sat down to talk about what had happened in our family and why we did not have his money, he promised me right there on the spot that all the work would get done and that he would be able to work out payment arrangements with us. We are honestly grateful to Jerry and ROCA for all the help and nice work they did for us. I can honestly recommend ROCA to anyone and promise you that you are in professional and capable hands. From our family thank you Jerry and thank you ROCA!"


"Under budget and exceeded my expectations I am a retired from the Air Force and live in Mid West City. I went with ROCA because they hire wounded veterans and I support my troops anyway I can. I needed a new roof and was approved by my insurance company a while back. I just have not gotten around to shopping for a roofer. When Raymond came to my house and told me he was a veteran and that his company hires veterans I was sold. The problem was that my wife has bushes outlining the entire house and she loves her plants. Raymond promised me that no harm would come to my wife. s beautiful plants. They put tarps over every single plant and even tore the roof off and worked around them best they could. I was a bit scared cause my wife freaks out about her plants. By the time they were done the yard and her plants were immaculate. They did my roof and kept their word. I am very happy with ROCA Roofing and everything they have done for us. Thank you for helping our troops and thank you for your great service."


"They ultimately gave us more than we expected My wife and I bought our house a few years ago. The house was only ten years old and in good condition. Well, it was until the tornado and severe storms hit us this summer in Blanchard Oklahoma. The insurance company was actually fighting us on what damage was storm related. This was about the time I met with ROCA Roofing. My contractor, Jerry was very polite and professional. This being the first time dealing with an insurance claim, I admitted that I was pretty lost. Jerry had no problem walking me through the process and how all this works. In fact he called my insurance company right there on the spot and set up an appointment for a re-inspection with him present. After Jerry walked through with the insurance company they agreed to pay for the entire job which included the roof, siding, fence, painting and our shop in the back. We figured one room needed carpet for sure, but at the end Jerry made sure that the carpet in the entire house was replace since there was glass particles everywhere. My wife and I were so please that ROCA did this while trading or deductible fee for advertising. We didn. t spend one dime. We came out of this bad storm with an upgraded roof that saves us on energy bills and insurance premiums. My wife is happy we have a beautiful new looking home. Was I pleased with ROCA's work? Well, ROCA will get any job that we need done for the rest of our lives."