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Residential Roofing and Construction

Residential Roof

Whether you are planning new construction or need to replace a roof, you need materials that stand up to the elements. You also need an installer you can trust to do the job right and be there for you in the future. You have found it in ROCA Roofing and Construction – your local leader.

You rely on your roof for decades of water tightness, energy efficiency and protection against storms. We have more than a decade of experience keeping homes like yours safe and secure from the top down. Check out our testimonials!

New construction – Let us work with your architect or building team to install a residential roof in Oklahoma that resists strong winds and storm activity. With so many choices out there, we are happy to explain the advantages of the various types and their architectural features.

Repair a roof – If bad weather has damaged your roof top, we can work within your deductible to repair leaks and other signs of damage. That means little or no out of pocket cost to you! We can replace shingles or tiles, gutters or flashing. We will replace shingles that have blown off or those that have degranulated and also replace cracked tiles and slates. We will restore your roof to its peak performance.

Replace a roof – Insurance can also pay for a new roof if yours has sustained heavy storm damage that is covered by your policy. We can work within the deductible and keep your interests protected. Insurers are usually willing to pay replacement costs because it saves them money down the line. We are expert negotiators!

Ventilation and Insulation - Proper airflow within your attic adds to the life of your roofing and prevents leaks. Controlling temperature also prevents premature aging of your shingles, wards off ice dams in winter, and keeps your home comfortable year round.

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Roofing Types

Residential Roof

Shingle Roofs - Looking for a roof material that is rugged and offers lots of choices? Asphalt shingles, also known as composition roofing, combines a sturdy matting, waterproof asphalt and weather-resistant granular coatings to keep moisture out. This affordable choice holds up well to winds, snow, hail and UV rays. Some come in reflective colors to improve energy efficiency up to 15 percent.

We are a certified GAF installer. GAF is the nation's number one shingle manufacturer, and backs its products with warranties ranging from 35 to 50 years. Combined with our own workmanship guarantee and insurance coverage, you will never have to worry about your rooftop again!

Three tab shingles are a traditional and popular choice for most applications. They are rugged and easy to install with color choices that compliment any home style.

Architectural shingles are more durable and have a dimensional effect that is usually warranted for up to 50 years. Yours can last much longer. These versatile shingles can be made to look like expensive shake, tile and slate.

Residential Roof

Clay Tile Roofing - Kiln-fired into shapes that interlock for water-tightness, clay tiles are not just the red and orange half-pipes you might expect. They come in a wide assortment of profiles from flat to curved, and colors from earth tones to russets and cool blues. Their high insulation value offers year round energy savings. They are waterproof when installed with quality underlayment, ridge and flashing. Best of all, they are considered lifetime roofs with many lasting 100 years or more.

Residential Roof

Concrete Tile Roofing - The fastest-growing residential roof material after shingles, concrete offers the density and insulation properties of clay but without the weight. Water and fireproof, this surface can last 50 years or far longer. It is one of the most difficult to install properly. Many roofing companies simply don't have the tools and skill – but we do!

Residential Roof

Slate Tile Roofs - Natural stone guarantees a unique surface that will outlast just about any other. It is impervious to water, fire, insect infestations and moisture. Because they are so dense and heavy, it takes extraordinary skill to select the best specimens and lay them properly. Count on us to do it right – hundreds of Oklahomans do! Not an Ordinary Roofer!

We pride ourselves on being a part of the community. In an area plagued with scam artists who chase after storms, we are your tried and true source for installation and repair. Our estimates do not change, and we explain everything we do clearly, in English or Spanish. With more than 15 years in business, full licensing and insurance, and a superior BBB rating, you can trust we will be there for you whenever you need us. Call for a free design consultation and estimate.