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Roof Replacement

Residential Roof

You may need to replace a roof if you have suffered storm damage, if it is old, or if it was badly installed in the first place. Talk to a roofer who guarantees their workmanship in writing, and who practices insurance price matching: this means your replacement will cost you little to nothing out of pocket. Now that’s peace of mind! Call us now for a free estimate.

When Repairs Are Not Enough

When a storm moves through, its effects are unpredictable. If your roof has sustained major damage, call us for immediate repairs and proven trouble shooting. If you need ato replace a roof, we can do it quickly and efficiently.

Best of all, we can work directly with your insurance company, saving you the hassle and stress. In many cases, we can replace a roof in Norman at no cost to you. Leaks – A leak in a residential surface can have many causes including storm damage, age and improper installation. Sometimes the source is not obvious. We are a name you can trust to pinpoint leaks using the latest equipment and an experienced eye.

Call for a Free Estimate: 405-692-5464

Age –If it has been a while since your rooftop was looked at, we can inspect it and give you a clear, written report. Depending on the age and condition, you may need to replace your shingles and tiles. Let us show you the latest offerings from GAF and other top manufacturers.

Impact – Hailstones and wind-driven debris can cause damage that is either obvious or difficult to detect. Chances are, if metal mailboxes and nearby cars are pockmarked, your roof may have lost some of its protection. Shingles can lose protective granules. Tiles can break. Metal can dent. Leaks can take months to develop, and by then it is hard to prove they were caused by bad weather.

If you’ve been through a hail storm, or if you feel a strike against your rooftop in a wind event, let us conduct a thorough examination of your surface. We care about our customers and want you to make fully informed decisions. Our estimates are given to you in writing and will not change. They are clearly explained, in English or Spanish, so you understand exactly what you are facing. You will find our track record and references are far beyond what you will find with most roofing companies.

Improper Installation

Residential Roof

Unfortunately, builders sometimes cut corners. You can use the best quality shingles, but if they are not overlapped sufficiently or not attached properly, leaks will develop. Builders in recent years have also seen an alarming increase in failures of underlayments used with tile. Inferior, foreign-made waterproofing was put on thousands of rooftops nationwide. If you need a replacement roof, including a top quality underlayment, call us now.

Call for a Free Estimate: 405-692-5464

Beware of Scammers

The insurance industry has reported a 300 percent increase in the number of storm chasers within the past decade. These are people with impressive looking business cards or dire-sounding door hangers that show up when storms move through. Their only goal is to part you and your money. They will do a fast, cheap job, and then vanish. The shoddiness of their work shows up quickly – but they will be long gone.

Unfortunately, storm chasers have given the legitimate roofing industry a bad name. We will work hard to prove ourselves worthy of your business. We do not engage in high pressure sales tactics – just honesty and facts.

Roofing with Integrity

If you need to replace a roof, take the time to investigate roofing companies with a history in the area. They will have a local address, state licensing and insurance. They will have local references that they will readily share with you. And they will have favorable ratings with consumer agencies like the Better Business Bureau. We are A-plus rated for your peace of mind. We invite you to check us out.

Roca Roofing is a family-owned firm that has long been a part of this community. We are known for hiring qualified local veterans as part of our commitment and outreach. Our technicians undergo rigorous and ongoing training in best practices. And we make it a priority to guarantee your satisfaction with our work – one roof at a time.